Service User Information

  • Are you looking for help with your addiction issues?
  • Have you considered an alternative approach to your addiction?
  • Have you considered Recovery through a residential service as an option?
  • Are you homeless or at risk of homelessness with addiction issues?

New Hope has been in operation since 2007. It has proved to be a viable recovery option if you are looking to break the cycle of addiction and homelessness. Are you sick and tired of the constant cycle of addiction and homelessness? New Hope believes that a life free from addiction, homelessness and crisis is possible, where life can go from existing and surviving to life that is worth living.

What is New Hope?

New Hope is a supported housing and recovery service for men in addiction. New Hope consists of a main centre which which supports 25 men in recovery and move on houses in the community.

Who can live in New Hope?

Any man who has been assessed, has or had addiction issues, is actively looking to be lifelong free of drugs and alcohol.

How can I get into New Hope?

Call the number 01 451 2346 and tell the staff you are looking for help with your addiction. An assessment will be arranged for you usually within a couple of days.

How long is the programme?

The programme is for 12 months and you would need to be willing and able to commit for this time. The programme has been developed to deal with the whole of your needs. This process takes time and requires a lot of intervention and supports.

What is the programme and housing supports?

New Hope deals with the whole of a person’s needs – addiction, housing, legal, health, spiritual, emotional, relational. Each client lives full time at New Hope. In the mornings, the 16 clients living in the main centre participate in group work which deals with a range of topics (including relapse prevention, anger management, money management, Smart Recovery and much more).

In the afternoons clients participate in a therapeutic work programme specifically designed to focus on work ethic and preparation for employment.

Each client will be given one to one supports, you will be given your own key worker to work with you, where you can in-put into your own care plan and recovery.

The programme is separated into 2 main stages. The first phase is where all the work on your recovery is done at the centre. The second stage is where you will begin to put all you have learned into practice yet continue to live in New Hope and avail of the 24/7 supports.

Step down housing

New Hope also offers step down housing for men that have completed our 12 month program, we have 9 beds in this service.

What else do you do at New Hope?

• Football and exercise
• Gym
• Recreation
• Group outings
• Family Visits
• Attend a local church services
• Bible Studies

What about a detox?

New Hope operates under the community detox protocols. During your assessment you will discuss detox options with the centre manager and your GP.

Can I smoke at New Hope?

New Hope is a smoke free service. Support will be given to clients who come into New Hope. Smoking is an addiction and therefore we deal with the whole addiction.

Is New Hope a religious programme?

New Hope operates under a Christian ethos however you do not have to have any faith or can be of any religion to access the service. The only criteria is that you must be willing to participate in all aspects of the programme.

What happens at the end of the 12 months?

New Hope offers aftercare supports and we have move on houses in the community. There are options to remain linked in with New Hope for as long as you feel you need the support.

Can I see my family while in New Hope?

Yes, restored relationships are a huge part of your recovery. Phone calls and visits are part of your programme at New Hope however there is a short period of 2 weeks at the beginning of your programme that you cannot use the phone.

Our Hope For You

It is our hope for you that New Hope will be a place of New Hope for you. We know that recovery is possible, abstinence is possible, sustaining tenancy is possible, family restoration is possible and a life free from addiction, chaos, homelessness, crime and hopelessness is possible. If you are interested in New Hope then please make contact with us. We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to learn more information about New Hope Residential Centre, please use the form below or call 01 451 2346. We would love to hear from you!