Corporate Support

Whatever the size of your business – you can help!

Whatever the size of your organisation, your business can help in the fight against homelessness and addiction.  Businesses have made a significant contribution to recovery over the years at New Hope, we need this to continue.

You can be confident that your support will go where it can really make a difference in people’s lives and communities.  We offer unique support services to men affected by the homelessness, addiction, social isolation, and exclusion.

To discuss offering your support please get in contact, we are always happy to help. Contact Áine on 086 839 2196 or by email

How can you support us?

  • Donate funds – this is a great way to directly impact our work.  Gifts eligible for tax relief at the corporate rate.
  • Charity of the Year – Charity of Choice, our team will help to inspire staff to take an active role in the partnership.
  • Matched funding – match fund the fundraising efforts of your staff and practically encourage their efforts.
  • Challenge events – runs, cycles and challenges.  These provide a great team building opportunity for staff.
  • Payroll giving – a tax free and flexible way for employees to make donations.  This is a simple way to enhance fundraising efforts.
  • Sponsorship opportunities – sponsor a class, utility bill, the mini bus, or even one of our clients.
  • Recycling schemes – put old mobile phones and printer cartridges to work by exchanging them for cash for the charity.
  • Gifts in kind – these are very valuable to the charity.  Items or services can help us to save costs.

Why partner with us?

  • Build a tailor-made partnership with a well-respected local charity
  • Engage and motivate customers and suppliers
  • Exciting and inspiring events for employee involvement
  • Expert support from our communications team
  • Raise your community profile through your CSR objectives
  • Great opportunities for media coverage
  • Strengthening relationships with employees promoting wellbing who benefit from making a difference in the community
  • Support a vital community need and establish new relationships connecting the community and your organisation
  • Enhancing image and brand awareness

Current supporters

We’d like to thank all the businesses who have supported our work to date. These include the following:

We are very grateful to Airbnb for their “Global Week for Good” volunteering at New Hope.  Several special projects were completed with the 60 volunteers over three days and a major donation from Airbnb.  Lasting contacts have developed as a result which lead to a team taking Irelands toughest challenge and going the extra mile for New Hope which raised vital funds.

Volunteer Ireland have matched us with teams of employees looking to help not-for-profit groups for unique and meaningful community volunteering days.  These volunteering days were used for team building, CSR impact in the community, and developing volunteering ethos within companies. Teams from Airbnb, A&L Goodbody, and EY.

Dunnes Stores have supported us with bag-packing dates to raise much needed funds.  The team in the Mill Shopping Centre have also done sponsored runs for us which also raised funds.

Tesco have supported us with bag-packing dates and we have also been included in their Community Fund, through their involvement with Food Cloud they provided us with food supplies freeing up our much-needed funds for other needs.

We are grateful for Domino’s support, they have supplied the Home with Pizza every Monday

Food Cloud have supported us since 2015 allowing us to divert much needed funds to other pressing needs.

Nando’s are regular supporters and have given our clients a half day guided tour of their restaurant and a demo of how to prepare Nando’s chicken.

KFC have a collection box at their POS till which generates funds for us, they also donate regular meals for the Home allowing us to divert funds which would otherwise be used for purchasing meals.

Thank you

You are all superheroes to us!

If you would like to discuss the possibility of providing corporate support to NHRC, please use the form below or call 08 757 1859. We would love to hear from you!